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What The United States Flag Means To Me written by Don Faulkner 1952-1981

Don wrote this essay when he was in eighth grade , for a contest held in Florida about the U S FLAG , it won first place . He served in the Navy when he was 20 . Don died on the 4th of July 1981 . This is Don's Essay ..................... What The United States Flag Means To Me ......................When I see the flag of the United States I think about it's colors red , white and blue . For instance , blue makes me think about the waters around the United States that hold it together like a vice holds two pieces of wood together . The wood is America and the vice is the water and the water is the blue in the flag .The blue is in the flag to hold it together and united . (United We Stand Divided We Fall) . When I think about the white , I think about the clouds that fly over the United States , so easily without a bump or rough place like the peace of peace time and the quietness . White makes me think of love for your neighbors which are other countries . If love was in everything there would be fewer wars . White makes me think of classmates and purity which every country should have . As Webster said at the end of his speech , & quote ; Not a stripe erased , not a single star obscured bearing for it's motto that sentiment dear to every American heart liberty and union now and forever one and inseperable . & quot ; When I think about the red it makes me think about the fire that consumes intruders that try to turn the handle that holds the United States together (divided we fall) . Red also makes me think about the blood that young and old men lost fighting for our country . This is what I think about the flag and what it means to me . Written by Don Faulkner 8-3 , Mr. Lyons Crystal River , Fla .


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Taken on June 8, 2009