Nintendo Power Magazine #1

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    Nintendo Power Magazine #1 from my personal collection. Although not easy to find in high grade the first issue of this classic magazine is not very difficult to find in used to above average condition at the moment. The issue above is in Near mint minus to a solid near mint (NM- to NM) (9.2 to 9.4). It took a while to find one in such nice shape.

    Even though not super rare this issue was the first of the awesome run that still continues to this day. Great articles, photographs and all the information you would ever want on NES games of the time with a cool Zelda map make this one fantastic issue.

    Awesome cover too! Awesome to the max!


    1. Hi-Flier [deleted] 53 months ago | reply

      I know what you mean, trying to find a "near mint" copy. I once owned it when I subscribed to NP since this issue hit the stands in '88. Now my son subscribes to it, and loves it!

    2. Nightrob 53 months ago | reply

      Hey Tom,

      True near-mint copies of this issue do pop up on Ebay every now and then. I don't always look, but from what I have seen roughly 2, maybe 3 times a year there will be a really nice one up for grabs. Decent to beat up issues of #1 are pretty easy to find. As far as a true near mint copy? I would think between $45 and $70 depending on if a bidding war starts or not.

      I never collected this set although I wish I had. I would borrow copies from friends who subscribed. Once I'm done with the set of Electronic Games Magazine I probably will try and put together a complete run of Nintendo Power. To good of a mag and tons or retro goodness to pass up... Might take a while though.

    3. Hi-Flier [deleted] 53 months ago | reply

      I agree. I do have most of the issues in CBR format, thanks to retromags, but it just isn't the same as owning the real thing, if you know what I mean.
      Thanks for the tip though, I check eBay daily for all of my other retro-memories, I'll just add this to the list. :-)

    4. mankatt 52 months ago | reply

      do you have the Nintendo magazine which came before this one - a real thin magazine - I used to have a couple.......

    5. Nightrob 52 months ago | reply

      No, I don't have those yet. In the 80's I mostly read Electronic Games Magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly and Gamepro. I would sometimes borrow Nintendo Power from freinds though. So now I am going back and picking up older issues here and there.

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