Hobakjeon/Zucchini Pancake (And My "Cannibalism")

Well, my mother received two giant (and I do stress the GIANT part) zucchini's home. Apparently one of her co-workers grew them, thinking they were eggplant (you try and figure that one out). She said she accepted them because she was thinking of me and my cooking. Aww, how thoughtful ^_^ After some pondering over what to make (Doenjang chigae? No, don't have green onions, potatoes, let along much of any other vegetables) I finally came across hobakjeon and figured why not try something new and make my stomach happy? After standing in front of a hot flame on a hot day I have created a face! (Do you see it? It has ears and everything.) With my chopsticks at my side, I was ready to eat ever piece of that face and I did. My conscience and tummy appreciated my "cannibalism" today ^_^

  • maangchi PRO 4y

    "..she accepted them because she was thinking of me and my cooking." yes, that's a very touching story! She always loves you!
    BTW, I can't see the eyes! If I see eyes, I can figure out why you think it looks like a human face. lol

    hobakjeon recipe: www.maangchi.com/recipe/hobakjeon
  • Tiara Montgomery 4y

    maangchi I'm afraid there's no eyes. I can't seem to bring myself to eat food that stares at me. I feel too guilty. Lol
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