Mandu and Mandu Juk ("My Babies")

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    I decided this time I was going to make mandu and mandu juk for my family along with the mandu skins because I was too lazy (and broke) to buy them from the asian market. NO ONE TOLD ME THAT I WOULD SPEND TWO AFTERNOONS MAKING JUST MANDU SKINS!!! That's right, so far I have spent yesterday and today kneading, rolling, and cutting discs out of dough to make the mandu. I ended up making about 170 discs because I was using a little more than double the recipe. Come to find that once the filling was ready for the mandu I ran out of discs. I asked my sister, "Did you see the rest of my wrappers. I put them in the refridgerator, but I can't find them now" She told me I might have used them all, but I didn't believe her....then I counted the number of mandu I made and I DID USE ALL OF THE DISCS! I still had about 2 cups of filling left so I just put it in the fridge to use tomorrow. Of course, I'm going to have to make more discs tomorrow so I'm going to be exhausted.

    Anyway, it was a good opportunity for family bonding. I had my mother put the filling in and seal the mandu while I personalize them for either the juk or to fry. My 7-year old niece even joined in the we had fun. They started making fun of me because I called the mandu "my babies" while I was frying them telling them "mommy wants you taste as good as you look." They came out so good, especially with the dipping sauce. Making mandu is definitely a family activity and it was fun to joke around while making them. I can't help thinking about what would have happened if I were by myself making these and the discs....I would be in the kitchen for about 2-3 days straight. ^__^

    1. maangchi 51 months ago | reply

      Your fried mandu and mandu soup look great! I agree with what you say that sharing good food bonds a family! When you and your family members make mandu together, all of you will know who made this, who made a strange shape mandu.. fun to joke around each other while enjoying the food. : )

      My mandu recipe is here:

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