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The temple of Kukulkan, Chichen Itza, one of the seven wonders of the world | by MouradianR :)
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The temple of Kukulkan, Chichen Itza, one of the seven wonders of the world

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Chichen Itza, 525 AD, is a major archaeological site in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. As an important and renowned relic of the Mayan civilization, it was inscribed on the List of World Heritage Sites by Unesco in 1988. On July 7th of 2007, it was recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


The Temple of Kukulkan , the main structure of Chichén Itzá shows the profound knowledge of mathematics, acoustics and astronomy, which the Maya possessed. As an agricultural society, the Maya carefully observed the behavior of the seasons, changes in the paths of the sun and stars and combined their knowledge in the construction of the temple to their god Kukulkan.


The Temple of Kukulkan is a four-sided pyramid which ends in a rectangular temple. It sits on a rectangular platform of 55.5 meters wide and has a height of 24 meters. Each side of the pyramid has a grand staircase, 91 steps each side and 1 more which leads to the upper temple, giving 365 steps, one for each day of the year and at the base of the north staircase are two colossal heads of feathered serpents, effigies of the god Kukulcan.


On the evening of 21 March and 22 September during the spring and fall equinoxes, respectively, at sunset, there is a solar projection consisting of seven triangles of light, inverted, as a result of the shadow of the nine platforms of the pyramid, simulating the image of a snake moving down through the banisters of the stairs of the north staircase .


The first shadows of the pyramid begins to draw isosceles triangles that make up the body of the feathered serpent that seems to move slowly downward until the head of the snake reaches bottom of the balustrade. When the last of the triangle reaches the base of the balustrade, all spectators ( there are many who come from all over the world just to witness this) stand up and raise their hands to absorb the positive energy that emanates from this phenomenon. All this process takes approximately 45 minutes.


video of the above:

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Taken on November 14, 2010