• Paradise
    5400 ft
  • Mount Rainier
    14,411 ft (4,392.5 m)
  • Avalanche Lilies

The Mountain

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Mount Rainier seen from the Pinnacle Peak Trail

I posted a black & white version a while back; I took forever to make a color edit of this that I liked...anyway, I'm mostly happy with this, despite the skyline looking a bit (IMO) overdone. This is a single exposure, no blending or HDR was involved.
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I took this shot about 5 minutes after stumbling into Marc Adamus who kindly directed me to the gorgeous Avalanche Lilies.

Circular Polarizer + Grad ND 0.6
1/125 sec

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  1. The Bacher Family 23 months ago | reply

    Beautiful shot of the Mountain!

  2. rebekah marrissa 22 months ago | reply

    I saw this photo floating around on Tumblr without any proper tags as to which mountain it is, but I'd know Rainier anywhere. Great composition; I just moved to Seattle from California and it's by far my favorite view from the city. I'm excited to potentially hike this trail.

  3. rhyspope 19 months ago | reply

    This is magical! What a shot!

  4. Polis Poliviou 17 months ago | reply

    Brilliant Image !

  5. Avinash Meetoo 16 months ago | reply

    Excellent composition and lighting.

  6. coulombic 16 months ago | reply

    Kick ass, man. This is awesome.

  7. Tim Gilbreath 15 months ago | reply

    killer shot, great light, awesome job! :)

  8. ressini [deleted] 14 months ago | reply

    felicidades, excelente trabajo

  9. lorenkerns 11 months ago | reply

    Fantastic capture and light!

  10. carlini.sonia 11 months ago | reply

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  11. vaskflurry 9 months ago | reply

    Please use a translate:

    Dios.. que hermosa fotografia amigo.. demasiado armoniosa y los colores realmente balanceados.. mis profundas felicitaciones! tienes mucho talento y admiro tu trabajo..

  12. Luís Henrique Boucault 8 months ago | reply

    Very nice shot! Well done!

  13. AlexBurke 4 months ago | reply

    I was recently introduced to you by Kurt Stevens, but it turns out I already followed you on Flickr. Small world. This image really stands out among the others. Wildflowers have eluded me for the most part, but this image is exactly everything I would ever want to see in a wildflower image. I also liked how you just let the bright light almost wash out the left of the image, gives a very atmospheric feel.

  14. posthumus_cake (www.pinnaclephotography.net) 4 months ago | reply

    Small world indeed...thanks, I guess I really cannot take all the credit on this composition, as someone else (Marc Adamus, who I met along the trail...which was rather awesome given that a lot of his compositions had inspired me to be more compositionally critical in the field) directed me towards this patch of avalanche lilies...

    This one was really tricky to compose; the closest wildflower was probably 6 inches in front of my front lens element/polarizer/GND...the predetermined focus distance has to be absolutely nailed or DOF will look goofy...also, given the slope of the hill, I couldn't use a tripod or see through the viewfinder (camera didn't have live-view), so I had to "chimp" (shoot an exposure, look at the LCD, recompose, repeat...as a film shooter, you probably don't relate) tons of shots (probably 70 total), til I got one I was happy with...

    Looking through you images, I think your Fall Storm Over the Flat Tops would look excellent as a panoramic crop...

  15. AlexBurke 4 months ago | reply

    Wow I can't believe you ran into Marc Adamus! I figured by now I would have wandered into some major landscape photographer while on the trail, but it still hasn't happened. Maybe I need to go to places that actually have people on the trails.

    Good to hear all the effort that went into this one, it's really is nice. Just out of curiosity, I'm wondering if this was horizontal or vertical before cropping? Not that I can see what was just outside the frame, but I could see it working in either orientation even though the square crop also looks nice. Keep up the good work!

  16. posthumus_cake (www.pinnaclephotography.net) 4 months ago | reply

    My observation is that Glacier, Zion, and the Pacific Northwest are the most probable places to run into other well know photographers...and my friend Jiqing Fan (www.flickr.com/photos/42201852@N05/) ran into Joe Rossbach in Zion...

    Overall, the Seattle and Portland areas probably have the highest concentration of fantastic photographers, so those in those areas have more collaborative options. Despite the lack of mountains, Minnesota has Jim Brandenburg and Alex Noriega, but I've never met them...

    This was shot in landscape orientation; the square crop came from the center of the image...I don't think any vertical cropping was involved...the lower right side of this shot has always bugged me...the non-flowering vegitation in the foreground has always seemed a bit messy to me

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