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Mother Theresa and BTK.

The quote reads 'When you suffer Jesus is kissing you'. I placed these two personalities side by side since they both have relationships with people suffering. BTK or Dennis Rader was an American serial killer whose sadistic crimes involved breaking in to women's homes after stalking them for many months. He would then rape them repeatedly before choking them till they lost consciousness before reviving them and doing it again and again until they died. As a psycopathic personality he had little empathy for others and gained sexual satisfaction from controlling someones suffering. I wanted the quote to be ambigous, just who said it. In fact it was Theresa to a screaming aids patient who was being denied pain medication in one of her hospices. Theresa believed that suffering brought you closer to Jesus and that poverty was divine. She supported dictators, her hospices were filthy places, where patients often died from disease and needles were re used.


(link to an article reviewing Hitchens 'The missionary position', a cutting analysis on the reality and cult of Mother Theresa).


The image was photoshopped then printed on a white t shirt and framed.

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Taken on July 8, 2011