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Mass Produced Terror/Civilian Death and Dismemberment by Cluster Munitions


16 years old from MarakeRasha is a 16 year-old girl who lost her leg as a consequence of a cluster bomblet accident at her house in Marake, South Lebanon. There are two versions that explain what happened on January 1, 2007, almost five moths after the ceasefire. The family’s explanation is that Rasha and her mother were taking fruits out of a basket her father brought from the orchard and there was a cluster bomblet that had fallen into the basket from a tree. The other version that is told by Rasha’s neighbors is that her father found a cluster bomblet in the field and brought it home without knowing the risks. He placed the device was on top of the family’s old TV. In her mother’s presence, Rasha took the bomblet and manipulated it without knowing what it was. The bomb went off and shrapnel hit both mother and daughter sending them to hospital. Rasha’s mother had to be hospitalized for 20 days .Rasha was less lucky: her whole body was burned, one hand was broken and she got deep shrapnel all over her body. Doctors could do nothing to save her left leg.Rasha Zayoun in the place were she involuntarily detonated a cluster bomblet that destroyed her leg and almost killed her.


Photo: Kike Arnal

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Taken on March 26, 2008