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Mass Produced Terror/Civilian Death and Dismemberment by Cluster Munitions

Cluster bomb victim Hammoudi Samir Haj Moussa relaxes in a little pool at his house at the Al Rashidie refugee camp, South Lebanon. Hammoudi’s case is one of the most dramatic of the Hezbollah-Israel war. There are different accounts of how Hammoudi lost his lower legs to a cluster bomblet. His family’s version is that he and his father, Samir Haj Moussa, went by motorbike to bring food to a family while the war was still ongoing, August 11, 2006. Their bike rode over a cluster bomblet, detonating it. Hammoudi and his father were severely injured. Hammoudi received third degree burns and his legs were so badly slashed that they had to be amputated. Hammoudi was in a hospital in Tyre for two weeks and then taken to the American University hospital in Beirut, where he stayed for almost three months. Another version of the tragedy is that Hammoudi and Mr. Moussa were picking up cluster bomblets when the accident happened, believing that they could sell them to make some extra cash for their household.When the accident happened, Hammoudi was 11 years old.


Photo: Kike Arnal

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Taken on August 2, 2007