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The Thin Man


He is not my friend, but he is with me

And he promises a peace I never knew

I cannot give in, no, I must refuse him

But could I really be the one to resist that kiss so true


He's the Thin Man

With a date for me

To arrive at some point

I don't know when it will be

" Suzanne Vega


This wraps up the series. "Nine Objects of Desire" is one of my favorite CDs. After I did "My Favorite Plum" I decided to create an image for each of Suzanne Vega's other 8 desires. It turned out to be quite a learning experience. I had listened the CD so many times, but it was only during the last week that I learned just how insightful and revealing her lyrics are. It is desire that brought us were we are today and probably desire that will be our downfall. We all struggle to find a balance between contentment and desire but all too often managed to get consumed by our desires.


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Taken on January 19, 2012