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“Silence is a fence around wisdom” | by brightdawns
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“Silence is a fence around wisdom”

~German Proverb


Explore#6, wow, my best position ever!! Thank you all so so much! :)


I'll just onload all the colours I have left, clean out the closets before spring arrives you see. But then again, spring is still way over one month away so... But who cares. Let's have colours!

I could not miss fence friday, now could I, my favourite day of the week. One can never be too busy to miss out the precious FF I say. And of course I'll upload on a Thursday when I know I won't be able to do it on a Friday. See, I never thought I'd be any good in any kinf of organizing. *proud*


I'm really hungry now, which isn't nice when going to bed, but I have already eaten everything I have in my kitchen. Indulged in boiled eggs mostly. Haven't had time to go to the store. Or then I'm pregnant. Could of course be the case, although there would have to be a touch of heavenly involvement included. It's not impossible though, is it, happened once before. Although, I'm no virgin Mary. Not by a long shot.


So no.

I just like eggs.


*realises something and laughs*

I could never say that sentence in Finnish, not after the words before it. See, egg is "muna" in Finnish, and besides the meaning of chicken eggs it's also the meaning of... well, a reproductive organ. Not female.


Well then. It is most certainly beady-bed time for this missus.


Still moving behind everyone, slowly getting somewhere, continuing tomorrow, :).

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Taken on October 28, 2009