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Details details details..........  HFF | by K. Menzel Photography ( on and off)
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Details details details.......... HFF

Hi everyone Im back. Its been quite a week getting all of my computer woes figured out and dealt with. The great news is that I was able to retreive all of my images.

Setting up a new computer has issues and boy did I have some.

I would like to thank all of my flickr contacts who came to my rescue and provided me with good information to ask the right questions and get this situation dealt with, effciently and cost effectively.

A special Thanks to Meremail ( Jim ), Translating Pictures( Barry) D-Lily (Doris) Blue Sky Pink (Eileen) Lightbox 2008 (Alan) for all of your emails, support and advice. I cant thank each and everyone of you enough. I would also like to thank all of my other contacts who expressed their concern and support.

As you know data restoration can be a very expensive process and there are many ways to get it done. There are people out there who will rip you off blind if your not careful. Some charging as much as 1500.00 to restore your data. Believe it or not I stumbled upon Office Depot. I was on my way to another computer company and was calling there for an new external drive to dump my images on it and thank god I got a guy who asked questions and told me that he would have a look free of charge and would not charge me at all if he could not get my pics back, what did I have to lose. So I took both harddrives in and my computer and he was able to completely restore all my images for $50.00.

I have also learned thru this experience that there are alot of 2nd and 3rd parties that support Adobe and Dell and are sales people and will try and rip you off. You already heard about I-Yogi.

Well yesterday after I got my computer loaded, pictures backed up, my Photoshop Elements switched over to a trial 30 day period. I thought what the heck! Its a licensed copy that I purchased.

Well turns out you can only use it on two computers. My old old laptop and my newer laptop. I called what I thought was Adobe support and explained the situation and they told me that I could not have it on more than two and since I did not deactivate it and that I had to purchase Elements 10. You can not deactivate a dead hard drive. They wanted to take over my computer remotely I asked them at this point if they were the offical Adobe site and they said no, they were a 3rd party. I immediately hung up, after giving them a few choice words, called Dell support (the official one) and they resolved the situation for me. (Dell support has been great!) Hope none of this ever happens to you, but if it does and your not knowlegeable about the technical aspects of the computer be careful. Anyhow Im back and up and running again. All pictures in tact! :-) Thanks again everyone for making this possible.

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend! :-)

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Taken on July 5, 2012