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LAV-25A4 | by ShôçkAñdAwé
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The LAV-25A4 is the version of the LAV series set for the battlefield of 2035. The vehicle's powerplant has been upgraded and now pushes out approximately 400 hp and 800 lb-ft of torque. This increase in power allows the vehicle to feature a new water propulsion system, therefore regaining its amphibious capabilities. The addition of the missile system and higher caliber main gun have caused space in the rear compartment to be used for ammuntion storage, meaning less room for dismounts. Improved ballistics protection has also been included. The advancement in communication technology has allowed the rear antennas to be removed. The Anti-IED boom/pole has been replaced by a much smaller device that accomplishes the same task, now housed in a small curved bump in the hull where the boom/pole was once located. These changes cause the vehicle to have an overall lower profile. A vehicle defense system has also been incorporated into the vehicle. The system is similar to the Iron Curtain, Trophy, and Quick Kill systems. The system will track any incoming projectiles and will assess the threat level based on size, speed, shape and other factors; the system will then take necessary actions to neutralize that threat. In the case of an RPG round, the system will intercept the round with a projectile fired from the system; in the case of a bullet, the system will aquire the location/direction of which it was fired but will not stop the incoming round; in the case of a guided/seeking missile the system will jam the missiles guidance system or intercept it with a fired projectile. The highly advanced system can detect and neutralize anything from an incoming artillery/tank round to a dropped bomb. This is just some available information on the system. I also changed the driver's periscopes to smoked in place of the blue.


Changes to the turret include the addition of a CROWS M2 .50 cal station, Anti-tank missile system, Mk44 Bushmaster 30/40mm automatic cannon, and a vehicle defense system. They can be seen more closely here:


These changes where made for a group and I will be returning the vehicle back to its A2 version shorty. I guess this shows that I haven't been doing absolutely nothing LEGO related lately.

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Uploaded on April 7, 2010