• What is this for a clamp ? - stgeorg6
  • It keeps the two shields together and sits on top of the gun.
  • Liking this area... - Kyle Overbay
  • I remember when this was red. - TediousDestroyer
  • Thanks. I was just informed by an LAV crewmen that this hull antenna doesn't exist on the real vehicle.
  • Congratulations, your brain worked for once... :P
  • Marine? - Rоcĸy W
  • Indeed. He's the VC, or vehicle commander.
  • How did you get this connected? i was thinking of jumpers... - Dutch-builder
  • I used jumpers on either side of the middle plate/periscope.


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The LAV-25A2 is an 8-wheeled Light Armored Vehicle currently in use with the USMC. The vehicle is the backbone of the Marine Corps' Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalions.

After I started this little project of mine sometime in late June, I'm happy and relieved to say, it's finally done.

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  1. stgeorg6 64 months ago | reply

    Very good build !! I see very interesting details. The turret is fantastic !!

  2. P E U F 64 months ago | reply

    Very good !

  3. Ésau [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

    LAV-25. Great choice. ;)

    I love everything about it. I think this is the first actual MOC that I've seen from you, and it has blown my socks off.

  4. Aleksander Stein 64 months ago | reply

    This is sweet, brilliant job! I'll echo everyone else about the details and greebles, great attention to both, and you've got a very nice overall shape going here as well. You may be pushing the limit of minifig scale a bit (even the slightly oversized "functional minifig scale"), but that's merely a minor nitpick.

  5. pmjredsox 64 months ago | reply

    This is well worth the several month long wait for it. Everything on this beast looks excellent, the attention to detail is incredible.

  6. TediousDestroyer [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

    Well I have watched this from the baby stage, in fact I was probably the first to know and I have to say, this is impressive. Incredibly impressive...
    Now I suppose Texas can purchase a few?

  7. Kyle Overbay 64 months ago | reply

    You've really outdone yourself! Best LAV-25 I've ever seen, in fact I'd say it's the best in this class of vehicle I've seen in a long time. The shape is spot on and the details are nice to look at. Great job.

  8. ShôçkAñdAwé 64 months ago | reply

    Many thanks to everyone.

    @magnus: I do agree that the tires aren't that accurate, but I felt they were the best choice out of the current TLG tires.

    @stgeorg6: Thanks. I got a lot of inspiration from your Stryker.

    @ Esau: I had a few mini-scale ships for a group, but I suppose this could be considered a first MOC, in certain contexts.

    @Aleks: It is indeed on the large side, especially when I put a minifig next to it. I was thinking about making it 10 wide and a bit smaller overall, but that didn't allow me to get all of the details and functionality I wanted.

    Anyway, I fixed the comment/note settings on all of the other pictures, as flickr had them at "Only you" for some reason.

  9. Ésau [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

    That *I've* seen from you.

    Also, the only thing I don't like on this is the net at the front. I love the hatch though.

  10. TediousDestroyer [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

    I think that the net adds detail to the LAV.

  11. Ésau [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

    What does it do?

  12. TediousDestroyer [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

    I've seen some people us it as barbed wire. But, does everything on a LEGO vehicle have to have a purpose?

  13. Ésau [deleted] 64 months ago | reply


  14. ShôçkAñdAwé 64 months ago | reply

    It could possibly be concertina wire or that netting that gets caught up in cars' tires for roadblocks, or a netting for camouflage to be put over top of.

  15. Obxcrew [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

  16. Kitten Krieger 64 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Lego Iraq and Afghanistan , and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  17. Lego Junkie. 63 months ago | reply

    Congrats on winning the contest!
    This looks great.

  18. Drew Bedo 18 months ago | reply

    S&A: Please contact me via Flicker Mail.

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