Winter Explorer
Winter Explorer - [Re-Build] of Olivia's Exploration Car

Utilizing every piece from only set 41116, I built this "alternate" or Re-Build of it.

Taking her skyward-gazing equipment mobile, Olivia is energized to head North in search of a good
view of the Aurora Borealis. Her trusty robot, Aura, is along for scouting and watching the equipment
trailer. The trailer houses a rotating platform with collapsible stand for holding a telescope
and binoculars.

Her vehicle is a modified "snow cat" of sorts, with ski boots up front. It's solar-powered, so she doesn't
have to worry about gas. She uses her sticky-notes with map coordinates to navigate toward a good spot.

A rack ladder gives her rooftop access. Aura attaches herself to a bar on the rear to ride high. When she's not
wheeling around, she can maintain a stationary position using her magnifying glass.

Of course it's getting chilly -- Olivia needs to ask for a "I <3 Science" sweater from her designers ;-)
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