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Budapest, Art Nouveau. Motifs of some electric instruments | by elinor04 thanks for 28,000,000+ views!
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Budapest, Art Nouveau. Motifs of some electric instruments


Architect: Ákos Márton, 1905.

Former Club of Electrical Engineers, see the motifs of the frieze.


Ákos Márton is one of the many Hungarian architects about whom almost nothing is known concerning biographical information. About Ákos Márton currently is not more biographical information available than is to find in the databases of Jewishgen.

Born as Ármin Marton on December 9, 1869 in Pest and later he used the given name Ákos.

Father: Lipót (in one case also called Antal), born in Szent Antalfa. Mother: Rozalia Stiglitz or Stieglitz, born in Boglar or Szőlős, both names be written in the databases.

Ákos married on May 12, 1895 with Gizela Schosberger, Ákos was 26, Gizela 25.

In 1899 he lived on the Kis-Stáció utca 5. (Budapest, VIII. District)

Just as the majority of his collegues was also Ákos Márton of Jewish origin. (Source: Jewishgen)


Ákos Márton (Márton Ákos), must been, given his age, graduated around 1892/1893. Perhaps the first building he designed is that on the Városligeti fasor. Because, according to an official document of the district Terézváros, at that time he would have designed a building: VI. Bajza utca 28 / Benczúr utca 15, and this document provides the information that the property should be built around 1890. It will then probably one of his first designs.

He started as an architect who designed neo-classical buildings. That kind of designs he used during his whole career, but he also designed a number of buildings in a Viennese / Western Art Nouveau style. Later in his career he used again the neo-styles in his designs.


Magyar Elektrotechnikai Egyesület volt épülete, ld. a fríz motívumait.

Márton Ákos, 1905.

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