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His story and history. Dad passed just ten years ago | by elinor04 thanks for 28,000,000+ views!
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His story and history. Dad passed just ten years ago

My father in 1941 as a law student, at the age of 21. A few weeks later he was drafted and had to go to war. In WW2 he stayed for several years in a Lager in the Soviet Union as a POW. He luckily survived and could get home with impoverished health in summer of 1947. Next years he finished his studies. My parents were married in 1950, later two children were born, me and my brother in 1954. Soon political and social circumstances changed. Those years when my parents were married and their children were born, were the most terrific and deppressive totalitarian years of the Communist regime, the Stalinism under Rákosi in 1950s Hungary. My father participated in our 1956 Revolution and was judged for exile after breaking down the Revolution by the Red Army. He was interned to Sztálinváros for years. In 1963, after the general amnesty he could come home to us. In those years he worked at first as a solicitor. He dealed also with painting, literature and linguistic like my other (in Hungary rather famous) ancestors and family members. He spoke five languages and was a translator of Gogol and Ostrovsky dramas: theatres still play those dramas in his translation. In the late 1960s he was appointed to a judge, some years later in the mid 1970s, when political détente came, was appointed to a member of Supreme Court. Besides and first of all he was a warm-hearted man. He passed away in 2003.

(Ancestors and family history here):

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Taken on February 13, 2012