1976 Buick Century 4 Door Sedan

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  • Sp3cimen 4y

    Dislike the stacked head lamps.
  • john_j21153 4y

    I agree, liked the front end of these series from '73-'75 much better.
  • Computerized Automobile Restoration Systems (MARK) 4y

    Sp3cimen john_j21153 200% agree! I think all the domestic manufacturers went a little haywire with square lighting when it was legalized in 1975. The stacked headlamps were so generic and too common, just like the "three-square" horizontal treatment with a rectangle parking lamp underneath. So common looking. Oldsmobile was really guilty of this. It worked great on Sevilles and Versailles, though!
  • john_j21153 4y

    Computerized Automobile Restoration Systems (MARK)
    True, come to think about it the Malibu models in '76 also featured the "stacked headlight" design but for some reason it worked better than on the Buicks.
  • nlpnt PRO 4y

    I love the colonnade four-door roofline.
  • Computerized Automobile Restoration Systems (MARK) 4y

    nlpnt Me and you both! I just wish it had a wider sail panel/C-pillar. Like the 1971-76 Fleetwood Brougham design which they emulated here for Malibu-LeMans-Cutlass-Century.
  • Computerized Automobile Restoration Systems (MARK) 4y

    john_j21153 The Malibus worked better and the LTD II's as well because they were mounted more inboard and not on the extreme outer edge like on this Century. Same goes for the Monte Carlo of '76, with the lamps more inboard design.
    This Century almost looks like a '50's car to me with those lamps somehow.
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