A2 size Portrait 'Love Graphics' paper set (350dpi JPEGs)
This is a free digital patterned paper I made to share with you. :-) Please link if you use this: melstampz.blogspot.ca/

(guidelines for use)


--You can change my stuff however you like (the colour and so on, whatever you can imagine!) Please just let people know where you found the original.
--Feel free to sell any handmade items you make using this... or share digital things that you have made using this -- as long as they are shared for free.
---You're welcome to make & share a digital cut file, Make a template different... whatever you like (as long as you share digital items for free).
--If you'd like to use it as part of your blog or site design, feel free!
--Scrapbook for hire is a-okay too.
--Want to use something for a class? Just email me for details, please. Some things I have blogged in the past are derivative (with credit, of course) but I wouldn't want us to circumvent another person's terms of use, accidentally. :0)

Please don't:

--my one stipulation: no digital or printed sale as papers or basic supplies of any kind, please. (The things I share want to stay free as the wind unless they can be part of some kind of art; they told me so). ;o)

Have another use in mind?
(Please email me at melstampz@gmail.com)

Hope you can have some fun with these!

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