POPCORN box WITH score lines

Blogged here: melstampz.blogspot.ca/2011/03/new-popcorn-box-template-se...


This free template set is one I made for a Popcorn box & its accessories: Liners and a detail trim strip for the top.


This flickr photo is a PNG. You can download the PDF version here: acrobat.com/app.html#d=IusTEJxMFEVLtOQt4MjTDw


I designed parts of this set so that you could fill them with your favourite digital pattern or a photo or whatever. This plain version of the popcorn box with score lines is for those who prefer to have the dotted line as a guide where to score the fold lines. (Cut on solid lines).


No commercial use or resale, please.


I always appreciate a link to my blog if you use any of my templates or whatnots: melstampz.blogspot.com/


Thanks & Happy Crafting!



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Taken on March 24, 2011