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A Beach Bum Wannabee — That's Me!

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Padre Island is a most unusual beach. At least it was for me. I was there in October, and I was the ONLY one on the beach. I guess everyone went home, back to work or back to school. Obviously, this was good for me!

The long stretch of the Padre Island National Seashore is also unusual in that folks can drive their vehicles right down onto the beach. I'm not sure that I like that idea. I think I'd prefer that it stayed wild & uninhabited (at least by motorized vehicles anyway). And I couldn't do it myself because you really need a 4WD. Being so far from civilization, I didn't think it would be a good idea to bury my rental car in sand!!

Since I won't really get a beach vacation this summer, I am reliving the beach memories. I think everyone may have noticed a large amount of sea-themed images in my Photostream lately. Now you know why! ---> ◔◡◔

A Beach Bum Wannabee
♫ Bright Eyes – Beach Bum Song ♫

I'm so sorry I haven't been by everyone's Photostreams much lately ... pining for the sea, taking a Staycation Break (which just can't compare to the beach) ... working on my portfolio & revamping my resume. I will be catching up tonight & tomorrow my wonderful Flickr Peeps!.

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  1. {katesea} 44 months ago | reply

    I'm a beach wannabee too! I love the beach, but don't get to go often enough. I'm amazed that you were the only one of this beach (everyone else was clearly missing out) and the colours are amazing. I looooove your beach shots and will have to gaze at them when I miss the beach. :)

  2. .:AnnetteB:. 44 months ago | reply

    Your own little slice of paradise!! This is so gorgeous love the vintage tones.

  3. María T Pons 44 months ago | reply

    Come and visit me in the Canaries - we'll be here with open arms :-D Super light, Trina. More like stunning, I would say!!

  4. Roberto G Garza [deleted] 44 months ago | reply

    Hahahaha!! Great title!!
    Beautiful photo with a fantastic color treatment!!
    Saludos Trina!

  5. **Aina** 44 months ago | reply

    this is just like a golden drem,
    i love to walk on beaches, would love to walk here

  6. JoGo... 44 months ago | reply

    Seriously, this looks like paradise! Peaceful, golden sand and beautiful skies...I'd love to be a beach bum here too!

  7. Brandilyn Photography 44 months ago | reply

    This is absolutely stunning.

  8. PikPix 44 months ago | reply

    Back again for a walk on the beach! :) Ah, yes, Trina! i know of Warren Dunes but I've been to Sleeping Bear many times! Summer to climb on the dunes and winter, if I remember right, there's good X-C skiing nearby! I just love love love the west shore/ coast of Michigan! Lived near Muskegon for ca 17 years and couldn't get enough of the sand and water! I used to ride my bike out to Muskegon St Park to walk the beach! Lovely wildflowers there just inside the dunes! I miss them...

  9. PikPix 44 months ago | reply

    Just read your comment again, my friend, and am remembering the very first time I saw Lake Michigan... Married a year and living in Ann Arbor, my husband and I spent Memorial Day 1963 camping on the beach at Ludington St Park... In the morning we walked down the beach, i splashing at the edge of the water as I liked to do... my feet up to my ankles turned blue!

  10. Saint Claire Studio 44 months ago | reply

    Trina, this is so totally peaceful and exceptionally beautiful. And the colors - ahhhhhhhh!

  11. Laureos 44 months ago | reply

    A gorgeous place, the tones and the reflections are to die for!

  12. sugarplum.8.16. 44 months ago | reply

    this is so so so amazing!! WOW!! :)

  13. •Sarah P• 44 months ago | reply

    This is really breathtaking Trina. The clouds are unreal, and I love the golden wash of the entire image. You always have the best color in ALL of your sunset/sunrise images. Also, I think that the wet sand, still water, waves and rippled sand make for a very visually compelling image. I hope you're enjoying your Staycation.

  14. Reina Smallenbroek 44 months ago | reply

    Wow... golden view... love those lines that alle meet in the left middle...
    Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

  15. IDontGiveAF*** 44 months ago | reply

    this looks unreal! :D

  16. Mishka Bro 44 months ago | reply

    fantastic sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. marteliegjeseth 34 months ago | reply

    love the photo and the light :)

  18. cowlishaw 21 months ago | reply

    I definitely like your photos

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