• Crux Terminatus is at the wrong angle. :3 - swellsington
  • The studs are orientated top-bottom-left-right, but it might be hard to see that from this angle : )

Space Marine Terminator

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Terminator suits are reserved for the cream of Space Marine companies. Nigh on impenetrable, these warriors carve a bloody path through any foe.

GW Terminators always look quite clunky - my aim for this one was to try and make them more sleek and, perhaps, more badass, whilst retaining the cannonical proportions. This is also a re-work of my last Terminator suit - now on version 4!

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  1. [Stijn Oom] 30 months ago | reply

    Nice head use!

  2. knobbyplastic [deleted] 30 months ago | reply

    Quite awesome.

  3. Cam M. 30 months ago | reply

    I love that!

  4. Agent WHO 30 months ago | reply

    Dang thats cool.

  5. pasukaru76 30 months ago | reply

    Pretty nice, but I like 'em clunky.

  6. Sean-Michael Griffin 30 months ago | reply

    Love this so sweet <3

  7. Hammerstein NWC 19 months ago | reply

    your space marines are quite quite splendid! makes me want to take a shot at them too! :)

  8. Flynatol 13 months ago | reply

    Instructions plz

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