• Note that this is the thin type - otherwise the arm is at a funny offset
  • These are 1x1 technic bricks with hole
  • See comments!
  • Lol, looks like another space marine behind him :D - MeGustaKapusta
  • What is this part? - Mattias G.
  • It's the nozzle (old style) from a minifig hose
  • Ok, thanks! - Mattias G.

Space Marine Instructions

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Instructions for building a Space Marine Battle Brother.

These were requested by various people, hope they're legible. Spare a thought for my tired eyes - this was done mostly in MS Paint.

EDIT: Some of these pieces don't exist in these colours, but all of the pieces do exist and aren't rare, so other chapters can easily be made : )

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  1. Cygnet UD 42 months ago | reply

    This is great! Thanks for putting this together and giving back to the community.

  2. knobbyplastic [deleted] 42 months ago | reply

    Too bad so many of those pieces don't exist in those colors. :/

  3. swellsington [deleted] 42 months ago | reply


  4. Steelmill22 42 months ago | reply

    OMGawd SO AWSOME!!!!!!

  5. knobbyplastic [deleted] 42 months ago | reply

    But that's so....UNPURIST. >.>

  6. ✠ROCKETMAN✠ 42 months ago | reply

    Now I have to make a Legion of the Damned Squad.

  7. Slicersuit [deleted] 42 months ago | reply


  8. Becheman 42 months ago | reply

    The red marine I did only contains real pieces, but I prefer the Ultramarine look. A little bit of me hopes that those visors will one day make a comeback...

  9. [N]atsty 42 months ago | reply

    Now I can have my own space marine!!! Yay

  10. Becheman 41 months ago | reply

    It turns out that these instructions are for the previous version of the backpack - instead, the 1x2 brick with studs on two sides is replaced by a 1x1 brick with studs on four sides (i.e. a travis brick), in the same orientation, with 1x1 tiles on the left and right faces - this way it can connect to the back of the torso. There is also an additional 1x2 plate underneath the two 1x1 bricks with stud on one side. Sorry!

  11. lego_ninjas 34 months ago | reply

    and they shall know no fear!
    and i'm making a few of these

  12. DrHaxPHD 30 months ago | reply

    i cant make the shoulder pads in lego digital designers

  13. Becheman 30 months ago | reply

    LDD might be limited to real colours. The visor is also quite an old piece (10 years?), so it might not be in the LDD library (I don't have it installed so can't check at the mo)

  14. Flynatol 24 months ago | reply

    Can we have instructions for the terminator plz

  15. Becheman 24 months ago | reply

    I'll see what I can do : )

  16. jokerjester_campos 2 months ago | reply

    Hello, can you recommend a set where most of these parts are available? Right now I don't have an option to buy bricks per piece and I'm thinking it's better for me to get a set instead (due to availability reasons, it seems that there are no brickstores here in VN).

  17. jordanlburton87 2 months ago | reply

    What part are the shoulder pads made from?

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