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LoR GC VIII - Abominable snowmen

The chink of metal and crunch of fresh powder underfoot grew louder as their victim approached. The queen's soldier stalked through the early morning mist, rubbing his hands together despite his heavy load. Ice crystals formed on his mask, belying his heavy breathing.


Sithric barely moved under his undyed woolen cape, hidden from view by the makeshift screen of twigs and snow. His garhim companion grunted as he shifted his weight on the branch above, careful not to give away their position. The soldier got closer.


At the last moment, Sithric pounced, jumping up to his full height in a shower of snow and aiming his shortbow straight at the soldier's throat. A second later, a bolt from above ended any thoughts the soldier had of running.


"You're going to tell us everything".


The soldier nodded.



Entry for Lands of Roawia GC VIII - Into Garheim


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Taken on August 6, 2014