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LoR Heroes Guild - Apprentice III - Swift justice | by Becheman
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LoR Heroes Guild - Apprentice III - Swift justice

The chiding he received from the border guards still ringing in his ears (something about being a beardless youngster), Sithric followed the road north into Garheim. The carter had refused his help but had given him some perfunctory directions, saying that he might find some employment, or at least some better directions, at the inns along the way.


The roads became more foreboding as they weaved through the rocky valleys and Sithric took to staying to the peaks, rather than dropping into the blind corners of the pathway below. On the fifth day, he caught sight of some travellers in the road. From a distance it seemed like they were greeting an old friend, but it soon became obvious that it was not a jovial meeting. One of the men pushed another to the ground as another drew a knife.


Sithric didn't hesitate. In one breath he notched and loosed an arrow straight into the knife-wielding bandit's back. The explosive grunt of the air being punched out of his lungs gave way to a terrified gurgle as he dropped to his knees. The other bandit stared in dumbfounded silence as his gaze moved first from his dying comrade to the archer on the hill. He half-drew his sword as a second arrow let fly. The merchant grinned.


Entry for Lands of Roawia Heroes' Guild - Apprentice III


Landscape based on the approach to Whiterun (Skyrim)

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Taken on August 14, 2014