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53: December 10, 2010: Friday


One such face painting book I was reading said that there are no mistakes in face painting.


This was not my original design at all. My goal was to take on a reptillian appearance, but that obviously failed. I started with a base coat of blue paint, much the color of the wig. Then I took a wig cap and put it on top of my face, and went over that with a coat of black. However, I realized 2 minutes in, that the basecoat should have been black, and the over color should have been blue, and that I used way to much water on my sponge. You can see a little of what the effect was supposed to look like on my bottom lip and on my cheeks.


After removing the cap, I realized that the design was a fail, so I took to a brush and just went wild with swirlies. I've not done a dark paint in a while, so what's old is new again. I tried a couple of wigs with this, but this one I think, made the tiny bits of blue that are still visible, pop just a tad.


I think I'll finish this week out with one or two more face paintings, and then I'll go back to my non-imaginative real face and life. I must say, that this has been really fun. My past 365 project brought the power of transformation to the forefront for me. I mean taking pictures of your normal face for 365 days gets a little boring. I mean, most of us hate taking that employee picture or that school book picture, and that's just once or twice a imagine 365 images of yourself...well, I didn't have to imagine...I did it!


What's on the docket today: well, I just got my official camera bag in the mail today, and it has surpassed my expectations. Will post a pic soon. Whatever I'm going to do today, it needs to involve a lot of walking. I've been cooped up all week and I need to release some of that energy. I'm surfing the net to find a new photography project. I need to get back to my photo adventure Saturdays. I've been on vacation and traveling the last 2 weeks, so its nice to be grounded and in some sort of controlled routine again.

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Taken on December 9, 2010