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PoliticsAsUnusual | by AR McLin
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Sorry, but the Tea Party isn't behind THIS goofiness. The LaRouchies have their own special brand of Bizarro-world that not even the Tea Party can fathom.


I have to admit that my initial response to this sign was "WTF?" -- I really couldn't see the connection between reinstating Glass-Steagall, and impeaching the President. (Yesterday's signs, which read "Save NASA" sorta made more sense in that regard. Sorta.)


Well... It turns out that President Obama is a puppet of the government of Great Britain - THAT must be what the Hitler mustache signifies, because, you know, the Hitler mustache is all the rage on that side of the pond. Okay, so the British, who actually control world finance (Wall Street are just a bunch of posers), don't want Glass-Steagall back in place because that would ruin their plans for mass murder via the downfall of civilization -- after that, they'd rule over the survivors from London...


Yes. It gets even crazier and less coherent from there, but you get the idea.

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Taken on October 2, 2010