2007 Phoenix Cruiser 2350
Update 2019

Nearly 12 years so far and we love it more the longer we own it. This motor home is exactly what we needed, and it serves us perfectly. I don't see us ever letting this thing go.

Our 2007 Phoenix Cruiser, is model 2350. It measures per spec at 23 feet, 8 inches end-to-end with a rear corner double bed. The over-all height is exactly 9 feet, 10 inches so it just clears our 10 foot tall garage door.

If you like what you see, check out the 10 different floor plans offered on the E350, E450, Sprinter, and Fuse chassis at www.phoenixusarv.com

On their main menu is a link to a Phoenix Cruiser forum which if you get serious about a PC, you'll want to contact other PC owners and pick their brain.

The company stands behind it's products. Customer service is extremely good and it goes well beyond the warranty period. There is a very cool story about one person who bought a used 10 year old PC with troubles, and how the factory helped them to make it right again at a very reasonable cost. I rate the company A+ in every category. The "Factory Direct" warranty is honored solidly across the entire USA, to you through your local independent RV service center.

Though slideouts are available, we intentionally ordered ours without one, and mixed two different interior colors. I hear over and over how the PC slide out is the best made in the industry, and that is from independant RV dealerships and service centers.
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