Clydebank High School farewell
This set is dedicated to my working home of 15 years. At the centre of Curriculm for Excellence is the concept of 'Vision'. I rather wonder what kind of 'vision' sweeps away a building like this for a modern tin box however nice it may look. Can you imagine what this would have looked like refurbished - maybe glass atriums in the quads - a modern matching brick block to replace the tower block. An Assembly hall to die for. Anyway progress said otherwise and I am a bit of a dreamer. Rant over ha ha. The new building is nice enough in its own way and I have no doubt is clean and pleasant to work in, but paucity of vision is such common feature in modern Britain/Scotland - this set of photos sums that up well. Thanks for many happy years Farewell old building and farewell CHS from me.
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