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Key West: Fort East Martello - Fort Tayla | by escriteur
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Key West: Fort East Martello - Fort Tayla

During our day in port at Key West, Mike and I visited Fort East Martello Museum (3501 S. Roosevelt Blvd.). The fort dates back to the Civil War era, and today houses a museum operated by the Key West Art & Historical Society.


After viewing the exhibits inside the museum, Mike and I headed out to explore the central courtyard and the fort's citadel tower. Along the edge of the fort's sculpture garden, this marker provides details on the legendary Fort Tayla -- part of the parallel universe known as Kcymaerxthaere. ;)


Fort Tayla

This ancient fort of the Conch Republic has seen ferocious fighting: the inconclusive Battle of the Seas, the incendiary Southard Incident and the death of General Qui Xi at the hands of her troops. But it has also witnessed great beauty, such as the Armadas of Life and Hope as they sailed past this very point on relief missions.


One of the most spectacular moments occurred a generation of generations ago, when the Tehachapi completed the KPH, their legendary roadway from above Key Largo to the Dry Tortugas. (Bridges and other remnants of that triumph can still be seen from Route 1.) To celebrate this feat, every gwome in the Keys declared a truce and allowed the builders to trace all 192 miles of asphalt with a potent extract of firefly. After the Sun set on the appointed day, darkness triggered the bioluminescence and an eerie, beautiful glow marched all the way down the Keys. At any one spot, the pulse of light probably lasted no more than several dozen heartbeats. But here, at Fort Tayla, where the road's path brushed the north walls, the gathered spectators could watch for a long time as the pale burst eased into the distant West. The Jesuit Earl Frontage called it ''a ribbon of cool yellow-green fire which left all behind quiet -- and quiet jealous of the eagles and dolphins who saw it best.''


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Taken on December 13, 2015