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Pacifique, Serena, 07.03.2009

o¤°`°¤o,¸¸¸,o¤° P A C I F I Q U E : L U M I È R E °¤o,¸¸¸,o¤°`°¤o




Saturday 7th of March 2009 at Serena Waterpark, Espoo, Finland





Resident DJ of the legendary Amnesia, Pacha, Manumission, Privilege & Space


DJ Magazine "DJ Of The Decade"


The father of the Balearic Beat


Alfredo could well have been responsible for the Ibiza we know today. In 1987, 4 up and coming young English Djs, Danny Rampling, Pete Tong, Paul Oakenfold and Nicky Holloway took a week's holiday in Ibiza. They were completely blown away by Alfredo's funky, eclectic sets in Amnesia, combining House, Funk, Soul and Disco; fusing them into a completely new style of danceable music: Balearic House as we know it was born.


Orkidea (Unity)

Alex Kunnari (Colors)

Joonas Hahmo live (Anjunabeats)

Anton Sonin & Amx (High Contrast)

JS16 (Dallas Superstars)

Proteus (Säde)

Poliisi (Clinic)

Orion (YleX)

Neon (Säde)


Top Billin' Djs (Redrum)

DJ Slow (Slow Music)

Bommitommi (Reggae Sundays)

Mekaanikko (We love Helsinki)

Wilunki 3000 (Op:l Bastards)

Supersamuli (Bum bum)

Lauri Soini (Laserdans)

Bobby S (Local Underground)

Erkko (Misf*ts)

Vesku (DTM)

Dallas (UMF)


Heikki L (Danceteria)

Casper (Helsinki)

Milla Lehto (Pussy)

Tony Profondo (Mixxed)

Niko Geselle (Mixxed)

Jean-Michelle (La Persé)

Flight (Romance)

Coma (Clinic)

House Amigos (Ahjo)


Jean-Peter (Konemetsä)

Indigo (Unity)

Zzompp (Sininen)






Venue: Serena Waterpark Tornimäentie 10, Espoo, Finland (view map)

Doors open: 19.00 - 02.00

Age limit: 20 years and over

Capacity: 1500 people


Bars & Drink tokens:

This year the bars only accept tokens that can be purchased from the token cashier. The cashier accepts cash, debit cards and credit cards. Token system makes sure you'll get your drinks and refreshments faster. You don't have to carry cash with you in the pools anymore.


Lockers & Cloakroom:

Lockers are available in the dressing rooms. You can buy your key from the token cashier for the price of 2€. Please share a locker with your friends whenever possible. If lockers are full or you are not using the pools you can leave your belongings to the seperate cloakroom (2€).


For more information please check: www.pacifique.fi/info.shtml






Pacifique tickets include full access to the water park and all arenas. All past Pacifique events have been fully sold out in advance so buy your ticket in advance for guaranteed entry. Buy your tickets only from these authorized dealers to avoid counterfits.


Special christmas package now on sale!


Pacifique ticket + Free drink voucher = 39€ (+bf)

Only available in december and only from Street Beat, Mikonkatu 8, Helsinki.


Regular ticket sale starts 01.01.2009.


(+booking fee: Street Beat 1€)




View the trailer and more info at: www.pacifique.fi

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