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In preperation of the 2015 West Virginia Sampler High Advbenture with Calleva Outdoors, Courtney Holston and I decided to sample the caves of Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia. Over 3 days we sampled 4 caves including wet, dry, vertical, and horizantal varieties.

We started out at Blowing Limrock Cave, which is 3 miles of very, very wet, cave. We entered the cave around 8pm and exited around 1AM. We then drove to Crystal Caverns for some rest.

After some ascender practice, we went and spoke to Randall the Naturalist, who hand drew a number of maps to various caves and we were off again; this time to Stephens Gap.

Stephen's Gap cave is a 300!!!!!! foot drop with a waterfall pouring down the side into a fairly small cave. During the hike up, we found ourselves Pipeside pit, which is about a 60 foot drop into a small cave. We believed that we had enough rope to drop onto a small pedestal in the middle of the cave, and you can see our rope in the pictures. Sadly, we came up about 30 feet short.

Following Stephen's Gap, we drove to Tumbling Rock, which is an incredible cave. 6 miles of non technical passages with incredible formations greeted us. There's even historical sites in the beginig where saltpeter was mined during the civil war. While the cave was closed, we managed to convince Nathan Williams to let us in, as we had come from so far. He even let us camp out behind his house and pointed us in the direction of some more caves. We finally entered around 8pm and spent hours exploring. Sadly, we were unable to find our way after the magic door, and were forced to turn around near mile 3. While my pictures are alright, Nathan William's has some awesome photos here: hucosystems.com/articles/Tumbling%20Rock.htm

After leaving Tumbling Rock, we realized our bodies could only take one more and we headed up to Signal Light Cave. This is a 5 mile cave with a 90 foot droop into the entrance with the last 60 feet being completely free. This was also Courtney's first true vertical cave. While we were unable to find the lake, we did explore a signifcant portion of the cave and managed to ascent back up without issue.

All in all, amazing trip. Hopefully we'll get one more in at the end of the summer once we have enough rope to drop some larger caves.
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