Jeepintosh - 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee with Mac Mini
The before and after pictures of the December 2005 install of a Mac Mini into my Jeep. Thanks to all the people involved: John and Elroy from CarToys, Mike from Carnetix,, Jeep, and Apple Computers.

Mac Mini 1.5GHz G4 Superdrive
Xenarc 700 TSV Touchscreen
Apple Bluetooth Keyboard
Logitech V270 Bluetooth Mouse
Carnetix P1900 and P5V adapter
RadioShark USB
PowerMate USB
2 Hubs

GPS mapping via Route 66 and RoadNav...
Salling Clicker on Treo 650 for controlling Mac through phone...
Bluetooth DUN over Treo for Internet access.

As a side note, an alarm system with Keyless entry and remote start was also installed... works like a champ without any OS X driver. The Carnetix handles sleeping and waking the Mac like a champ.
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