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1st and last Kodachrome roll | by art y fotos
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1st and last Kodachrome roll

I remembered that I had a roll of Kodachrome stuck wayyyy in the back of my fridge. It was given to me by one of my photography instructors nearly 10 years ago. I held on to it thinking that I'd shoot it on some "special project" that never came.


The hub-bub on the internet regarding the end of Kodachrome developing at Dwayne's Photo, the last K-14 lab in the World, jogged my memory that I had this one last roll. I had only days to shoot it and mail to Dwayne's Photo (Kansas) by their 12 noon December 30, 2010 deadline.


So I dusted off some 35mm camera equipment, went out the weekend before Christmas and had a bit of fun. It felt odd. It seemed like I hadn't used my 35mm rangefinder gear in years - and that was probably quite true.


Focus? What!? Oh, I gotta focus and set shutter speeds! DOH! It also didn't help that I was handholding with 25 ISO film. Yikes! Shoulda' brought a tripod!


Anyway, I got the film in the mail at the very last moment, and after what seemed like a long wait, on February 5, 2011 Dwayne's mailed my Kodachrome slides back to me - all 37 exposures. No, there aren't any fantabulous images among them, but I did enjoy being out with my small camera and having this last opportunity.


I was pleasantly surprised at the sharpness and lack of grain. There was a slight color shift (I think towards blue) as you can see in the following photos, but nothing major. Like Polaroid Type 55 N/P film which I exposed only a box of twenty sheets, I wish I had shot more Kodachrome before it was discontinued.


Anybody else shoot some Kodachrome right before the deadline?


Paul Simon's Kodachrome:


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Taken in December 2010