• Disappearing sashimi!
  • A few sushi pieces disappeared prior to, or during (?) this long exposure.
  • ...and here!
  • Wasabi!
  • Happy couple enjoying their shabu-shabu!
  • Exposure lasted for as long as I could go without refilling my sake cup.
  • did you obscure them when processing? - wertheim
  • Like the steam and smells of the sizzling shabu-shabu, their existance was fleeting...

Sushi Bistro

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Sushi Bistro Shun, Honolulu.

Sushi Bistro Shun in McCully is a wonderful Japanese restaurant. I especilally enjoy the sushi and sashimi, but the tsukune are also very tasty! Not a huge selection in their saké, but generous servings. And nothin' fancy, just good food and value.

Also popular, although I haven't tried it yet, is their shabu-shabu. Smells and looks delicious!

Sushi Chef Murakami and crew are very serious about making your dining experience worthwhile.

"Le Bambole" - bamboo pinhole camera. Kodak 160 Portra NC. Exposure: f/256 and 15 minutes.

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  1. Luis Corrales 71 months ago | reply

    15 minutes staring at the sushi you ordered? Congratulations ;)

  2. wertheim 71 months ago | reply

    Itada kimasu.

    Just ate tons of shabu-shabu at home today, but this looks tasty indeed. I've never been there.

  3. art y fotos 71 months ago | reply

    Hi Luis - It was even more torture not refilling my sake cup!

    Hey Andrew - The ghostly couple in the photo are semi-transparent due to the fact that they arrived shortly after I began my exposure.



  4. wertheim 71 months ago | reply

    Cool. Thanks for explaining. I haven't enjoyed pinholing since I was quite young. i've forgotten how it worked. I thought you did that intentionally.

  5. art y fotos 71 months ago | reply

    You know, it's possible to make a "pinhole body cap" pretty easily for your Leica or slr cameras.....heh! You'll be pinholing in no time flat!


  6. x GONZO x 71 months ago | reply

    hehe love this. i have a similar photo waiting to be developed.

  7. wertheim 71 months ago | reply

    Thanks R. I'm not yet ready for turning the Leica into a pinhole. Let me learn how to master it first :)

  8. art y fotos 71 months ago | reply

    Hi there, xGonzox, Andrew, Eric and Eunice!

    Thanks for the comments! Sushi and pinholing, my favorite obsessions! :)


  9. Jiffy Cat 71 months ago | reply

    Mirugai! my kingdom for a bite of mirugai.

  10. sushitail 71 months ago | reply

    If I could just reat those Maguro.....

  11. art y fotos 71 months ago | reply

    Hi Jiffy Cat and sushitail!

    Mirugai and maguro (and toro) can be found here in abundance!


  12. A.。 44 months ago | reply

    I love sake

  13. art y fotos 43 months ago | reply

    Thank you, A! I love it, too!

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