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Another pic of me... -_-;;;

Tagged by Utsu! Ten random facts, you say? Okay...


1.) Give us this day our daily dose of faux affliction

Forgive our sins

Forged at the pulpit

With forked tongues selling false sermons

Cuz I am a new wave gospel sharp

And you'll be thy witness

So gentlemen

If you're gonna preach

For God sakes

Preach with conviction~


2.) Strike up the band!

Whoa, the conductor is beckoning

Come, congregation let's sing it like you mean it


Don't you get it? Don't you get it? Now don't you move~



T-Shirt says all XD


4.) I love you, Hoshi. I'm wearing the suspenders and safety pins you gave me. I'm just so tickled you gave me safety pins. You remembered! ***Glomps*** ♥


5.) Holy shit, look at me! I must be EEEMMMOOO...


6.) This was taken in my mom's sewing room.


7.) This is the scent of dead skin on the linoleum floor,

This is the scent of quarintine wings in a hospital,

It's not so pleasant and it's not so conventional

It sure as hell ain't normal, but we deal, we deal.


8.) I have to stop doing that... XD


9.) Let's get these teen hearts beating faster, faster!


10.) Minoru is stoned again.


For a change, instead of tagging all my closest friends, I'm going to tag people I barely know, but wish I did! =D


(And Rita. I know Rita pretty well, but I don't think I've ever tagged her so there. =3)

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Taken on August 26, 2010