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Making Almond Milk

Making Almond Milk

Begin by soaking
raw almonds overnight (12 hours or more) in plenty of water to cover - anticipating some
expansion - drain and rinse in the morning - add twice as much water+ (you can make it thick or thin)
as almonds in a blender and blend until all is pulverized. Pour out
into a nut milk bag, or a sieve lined with cheese cloth or here I used a cotton dishtowel - squeeze through and ring out as much liquid as possible - this is the almond milk - you can repeat the process by putting the pulp back into the blender and adding more water but less than before - repeat straining process. Then refrigerate the milk - use as you would other milk. You can use the pulp to make delicious crackers, cookies, breads, dips, etc!

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moto4 says:

I have made almond milk a few times and... it is scrumpdeliumpcious!!
Posted 113 months ago. ( permalink )

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magstultz says:

Posted 73 months ago. ( permalink )

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