its lantern's 1st birthday t♡day

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that early morning a year ago today, had a feeling but did not know lulu's gift was about to be born!

nor that the whole egg(shell) would fly off the high bough! .. i dropped the camera as you can see ;)

here is that moment ♥

lantern's last visit was several weeks ago...   tho' i trust he will come again..  maybe even today!

or perhaps he will come help babita holi when she soon learns to fly!

(sweet holi is doing pretty well .. will post some pictures of her as soon as i can ...
she isn't pink anymore!  she's a big fluffy white lightbulb.. and she now has tailfeathers :)

here's a wonderful secret .. in trying to figure out when holi will fly, i counted the days between the day lantern hatched (a year ago this morning :) and the day he flew ..   then added those numbers of days to the day holi hatched, and..   if holi flies in the very same amount of days as lantern did..  she will fly on lulu's birthday :*)

am so hoping i can be back again by then too

much, much love to You ~~


happy birthday dearest lantern!


≈ ♡ ≈

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  1. beebe_gzb 25 months ago | reply

    She is such a little sweetheart. Blessings to you Kelly. You should know what an amazing blessing it is for me to see these.

  2. makeupanid 25 months ago | reply

    These are just the sweetest shots Kelly-and in gorgeous flowers too! You are so lucky to see these and we are lucky you share them with us!

  3. saramurphy100 25 months ago | reply

    Over the top captures Kelly!!!! They are incredible gifts! Love you! xxooo!

  4. eleggenehi 25 months ago | reply

    aaaamazing truly!!!!!!!!! ;)

  5. Pifou 2010 25 months ago | reply

    This image really is lulu:
    remarkable, hullabaloo loo even to the point of eccentricity, and totally LULU ! :)
    I admired it in Lulu ♥
    Bring Lulu/

  6. anjoudiscus 25 months ago | reply

    Des souvenirs merveilleux, des photos tendres et magnifiques !
    Merci Kelly, pour ces oiseaux entourés d'amour et de beauté.

  7. Flint-Hill (away) 25 months ago | reply


    Quite the expression.

    And the third photograph is glorious.

  8. conceptvessel 25 months ago | reply

    happy birthday, beloved being*
    (so beautiful!!!)

  9. annicariad 25 months ago | reply

    Quite beautiful, Kelly, dearest.

    Hope you are well, I'm finally out of hospital after a gruelling few weeks, looking forward to returning to full health now.

  10. imagepeace 25 months ago | reply

    YEAH! ~ so good to hear!!!! happy, happy, joy, joy!!!!!

  11. Zzzzt!Zzzzt! 25 months ago | reply

    Sooooo very beautiful!!

  12. SolsticeSol 25 months ago | reply

    How wonderfully beautiful this is..
    I love the way this glows with beauty and love..
    Truly stunning and lovely dear Kelly..
    Thank you for sharing too.. :)
    May you have a lovely Thursday evening dear one..

  13. mimbrava 25 months ago | reply

    A year already!


  14. jikido 25 months ago | reply

    Fly xxx She Is Our Heart

  15. seabird1 24 months ago | reply

    I love seeing her AND my most favorite flowering tree--plumeria!! A perfect picture.

  16. nal from miami 24 months ago | reply

    Has it been a year? Oh my . . . . beautiful then and now. Happy Birthday Birdita.

  17. Louise001 24 months ago | reply

    Such pure innocence..:)♥♥♥

  18. Hotash 23 months ago | reply

    what beauty...

  19. heal and inspire 23 months ago | reply

    What a supercutie!

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