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Our Moon. The beginning of the journey...

July 20th 1969.

For countless centuries Man has gazed up in awe and wonder at the Moon. On this date Man is standing on it. On this date we finally became untethered from our own planet and set down on another celestial body, proving that we can truly accomplish anything that our imagination conceives.


In that moment 40 years ago, as Neil Armstrong set foot on the lunar surface, we suddenly stopped being different nations and races and religions. In that one moment, there was no United States, no Soviet Union, no China or Europe or Africa. In that moment we all became Mankind. We all belonged to that moment. And when Neil Armstrong looked over his shoulder and saw the Earth, he saw just one world, dominated by one species. Us.


That's why we need to explore. That's why we spend billions trying to land a probe on one of Jupiter's moons, or trying to photograph the glow of Neptune. That's why we need to go to Mars.

Because it's next. Because we came out of the caves, and saw the light, and climbed the mountains and crossed the oceans and took to the air........and landed on the Moon.


Mars is next. There may be no economic, political or environmental benefit to doing it. But our aspiration to learn, to explore, and to be more than we are is as potent as the need to procreate.


This is Humankind. This is who we are. Who we can be. No limits.

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Taken on August 2, 2009