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Simple life

Lake sunset - whilst fishing Dreams 'The Spit' on the Gold Coast Opportunity Fire in an African Sky Face in the cloud Dredger Lake Sunset Bliss just fishing Last wave home Reflection Awareness Think and exist Broadwater - sunset Sunsets over the beaches A light, lights up the sky Freedom Apocalyptic Bubbling mud

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CB 357 says:

Some exceptionally fine work in here :-)
Posted 110 months ago. ( permalink )

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Aristocrats-hat says:

Thanks for you comments
Posted 109 months ago. ( permalink )

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Marian Rohat says:

I took your advise and browsed your set, well....if you wanted to put me to shame , you succeeded ,you did it. I am nobody in photography.Yours is art !!
Posted 86 months ago. ( permalink )

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