153. Historic Homes at the Shore

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    New Castle NH, of which Great Island is a part, and the previous name. A town with a "ghostly" past.
    Beginning on June 11, 1682, Great Island experienced a supernatural event—a Lithobolia, or "Stone-Throwing Devil," recorded in a 1698 London pamphlet by Richard Chamberlain. On a Sunday night at about 10 o'clock, the tavern home of George Walton, a planter, was showered with stones thrown "by an invisible hand." Windows were smashed, and the spit in the fireplace leapt into the air, then came down with its point stuck in the back log. When a member of the household retrieved the spit, it flew out the window of its own accord. The gate outside was discovered off its hinges. Rev. Cotton Mather took an interest in the phenomenon, reporting that:

    "This disturbance continued from day to day; and sometimes a dismal hollow whistling would be heard, and sometimes the trotting and snorting of a horse, but nothing to be seen.... A man was much hurt by some of the stones. He was a Quaker, and suspected that a woman, who charged him with injustice in detaining some land from her did, by witchcraft, occasion these preternatural occurrences. However, at last they came to an end."

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    1. BlueisCoool 58 months ago | reply

      What a place to have a home !

    2. InAweofGod'sCreation 58 months ago | reply

      I understand the prices reflect that sentiment. LOL

    3. Mumsie Wood 58 months ago | reply

      hi there, beautiful capture.Wonderful subject.Love this one.anita

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      Anita, i thank you as well. it is nice to have some others look in on my stream. Lots of the images have fond memories attached.

    5. chloe & ivan 58 months ago | reply

      sounds like he shouldn't have tried to gyp her out of her land.
      Wonder if Rev Mather chided him about that?

    6. jjamv 58 months ago | reply

      such a wonderful image of nature around you
      a horror story with great historical significance !!! fab.
      thank you for sharing

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      Beautiful vista, well done!
      This capture was seen in Through your eyes ...

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      Wow..that was some story...the shot is amazing...thanks for sharing..

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      Thanks you for your kind comments.

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      Cool story and beautiful capture Nancy thanks for shairing this!

      Thank You For Posting This In Captured Waterscapes
      The Falls
      Captured Waterscapes

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      What a tale! Best mind one's p's and q's around here! Lovely shot.

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      Thanks Chuck and Denise.

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