Bridgestone MB-1 singlespeed

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    Keeping it fun with one gear. Riding this around town makes me feel like a kid again. Outfitted with the infamous Jitensha Nitto flat bar, nitto technomic deluxe stem, porteur rack from Velo-Orange, and a White Industries ENO eccentric rear hub.

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    1. smoovebert 51 months ago | reply

      that's a beaut right there.

    2. oldscool74 46 months ago | reply

      This bike is hot. I just purchased the exact bike and I'm thinking about converting here to a single speed. I really like what you did with her. What size is your nitto technomic deluxe stem?

    3. SD_yoshi 46 months ago | reply

      Thanks, I think this bike is super sexy too.
      I think it's a 11cm stem and I opted for a long stem because the frame is a little small for me.
      Keep in mind that the top tube is quite long so depending on the sweep of your bars you might not need such a long stem.

    4. matthewbeersreed 43 months ago | reply

      yeah mine is my "daily driver" until the snow comes down and with it the salt. Then it is over to the extracycle and studded snows.

    5. ganley 27 months ago | reply

      Singlespeed with vertical dropouts and no chain tensioner? Did you just get lucky that the chain tension worked out right?

    6. Bearded Peter 27 months ago | reply

      Check out the White Industries ENO eccentric rear hub, and that should answer your question. It's a beautiful, functional bit. It's what I used for this:

    7. SD_yoshi 27 months ago | reply

      indeed the white industries ENO eccentric hub is the solution. great design and works like a charm.
      Nice Bombadil! Is it still set up like this?

    8. Bearded Peter 27 months ago | reply

      That was about 4 years ago when I first built it up. It's now this (and has been for a couple of years):

    9. kelley.aiko 14 months ago | reply

      I just purchased this same bike and am hoping to do a similar set up. What modifications did you do to the fork to accommodate the rack?

    10. SD_yoshi 14 months ago | reply

      Aha, I just looked at a photo of your MB-1 and I see the problem. My fork had a hole drilled in the center of the fork crown so I didn't have to modify it to mount the rack. You could definitely drill the hole yourself or have someone do it for you. If there are any framebuilders nearby you might give them a call; or a trustworthy bike shop. Best of luck with the project!

    11. kelley.aiko 14 months ago | reply

      thank you! I enjoyed looking through your photos. I have albatross bars on my schwinn voyageur and plan to do a similar set up on the MB-1. one more question, did you add fender/rack mounts to the bottom of the fork?

    12. SD_yoshi 14 months ago | reply

      I absolutely love albatross bars! The fender/rack mounts were also there already. My frame is a 1988 model so I guess they changed things in 89. Also, I think the Soma porteur rack might have an axle mount option but I'm not positive.

    13. kelley.aiko 14 months ago | reply

      ah, that explains the different font for the MB-1 decal. I'll look into the soma rack. Thanks!

    14. SD_yoshi 14 months ago | reply

      If you aren't totally tied to having everything original, you could solve all your rack mounting issues by just getting a new fork. One piece of info to note is that headset on my MB-1 is 1" J.I.S. size (27.0 crown race/30.0 cup), which is different than the current standard 1" ISO (26.4 crown race/ 30.2 cup). I have no idea what size yours is!

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