Fax Ex-Machina
Exhibition runs: 5-26 March 2010

Four Brazilian Artists. Four UK Artists. Three fax machines. One exhibition.

Curated by Autista and KK Outlet, Fax Ex-Machina is a one off live art exchange between Brazilian and UK artists taking place simultaneously in KK Outlet, London and POP Gallery Sao Paulo.

Brazilian artists Ramon Martins, Eduardo Recife (Misprinted Type), Elisa Sassi and Carlos Dias will fax their original artwork from Brazil straight to the walls of KK Outlet whilst UK based artists Andrew Clark, Billie Jean, Mcbess and Jimmy Turrell will be drawing live at KK Outlet and transmitting their pieces to POP Gallery, Sao Paulo.

High taxes and blindsided customs laws make it impractical to import and export art in and out of Brazil. Using the lo-fi means of fax machines we aim to avoid these extortionate charges and showcase young talent in and outside of Brazil.

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