Windows® 8 Logo - Suggestion #1

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    This represents a design suggestion.
    Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft® Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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    The Logon Screen redesigned

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    1. Jeruel Ibañez Photography 38 months ago | reply

      I like this one, too. Nicely done! :)

    2. OccamsMonkey 38 months ago | reply

      I love this. It showcases Metro design but is interesting and dynamic. The fact it works in color or (semi)monochrome is an added bonus. The fact that it's not any country's flag is a double bonus. Great job!

    3. OpticShape 38 months ago | reply

      Thank you for your kind words!

      For those who were confused by the design, I have posted an explanation:

    4. SonicFlare1 38 months ago | reply

      I like what you did there with open window :D brillian!

    5. mariam.mel 38 months ago | reply

      I understand the concept and it looks good, but it reminds me of logo at

    6. marcmanguray 38 months ago | reply

      This design is amazing! The people who designed the "official" one should get their eyes sewn shut.

    7. BigDogAM 38 months ago | reply

      This is better than the MS one, but again, the simple solution to this logo is to use the windows colors in the panels.

    8. JoelDudgeon 38 months ago | reply

      This is what the new Win 8 logo should look like. The official one is an atrocity. I like the subtle difference in colour between "Windows" and the "8".

    9. undefinedman 38 months ago | reply

      Honestly I really like your logo, much much better than the original one...

    10. Digital Liberty 38 months ago | reply

      Also reflects the dual metro/traditional split personality of Windows 8.

    11. Marcelo280289 38 months ago | reply

      You should get paid for this, Microsoft should make you their "Metroic" wherever they shifting to designer, it an awesome take this one!

    12. Marcelo280289 38 months ago | reply

      While i am at it Paula Scher has nothing on you!

    13. OpticShape 38 months ago | reply

      Thank you for your comments, let's hope the Windows 8 will not be stuck with their current version of the logo, regardless of what will they decide to replace it with.

      @marcmanguray: Like this? :)

      @Digital Liberty: Precisely!

      @Marcelo280289: Let's just say that it would be their loss should they ignore all the feedback that keeps pouring all over the internet. This is clearly not a small group of people and while it will not prevent the masses from buying into Windows 8, it is certainly not too late to listen to their customers.

      As for Ms. Paula Scher, she gave this world a lot of great designs, which is why I am very surprised her Windows logo, the idea is very good, but the execution is just not up to her caliber. In fact, the design shown on Pentagram's website is even worse due to the spacing between the panels being very small which will cause trouble when used at small sizes, like an icon etc. It can be changed, no doubts but how could this came through from Pentagram with their many years of experience is beyond me.

    14. aeo-g 38 months ago | reply

      dude, that's just what they should have done at microsoft. This really is branding, congrats !

    15. macz_202 38 months ago | reply

      Can someone set up a petition to change the official logo to this? Microsoft have listened to the people with Win8 so far, and have some great community care, if someone can set up a petition and send a link around to Windows 8 news sites, might have a chance.

      Probably need a reasonable amount of people backing the movement, but it has been done before. Anyone know of Operation Waterfall with Nintendo USA? They changed a very stubborn company!

      @OpticShape, if you post a new image which is like an advert to use this logo instead of theirs, and set up a twitter account for it, and mention that twitter account in the pic, i'm sure people will follow that twitter group to show their support for your work over their joke of a logo!

      Simply promote the twitter group through your Flickr, the blog comments and Win8 news sites and you might make history! You have my support!

    16. OpticShape 38 months ago | reply

      Microsoft has yet to issue some sort of response in regards to the criticism choir around the web. Then will be able to see what can be done.

      Thank you for your support, very much appreciated!

    17. Marcelo280289 38 months ago | reply

      I am in! Love the idea Macz, do it opticShape, please!

    18. Marcelo280289 38 months ago | reply

      There is one thing we forgetting though! Being that the shapes of this logo are just transpositions of the Originally created logo, Paula Scher will still be entitled design ownership. But still the twist gives it a more acceptable appeal, i would trade the so called flag for this version. Lets hope Microsoft fall to senses.

    19. uus831 38 months ago | reply

      Much better logo than the original!!

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