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Grifiti Dootle Notebook Case for iPad 2 and Writing Notepads in Blue


Dootle cases get started with our Dootle Notebook Case for Apple iPad2 and writing….


They’re a nice bridge between old world books and new world digital devices. For us, they’re a synthesis of a bunch of different elements we really like: the function, feel, and appearance of traditional hardback case binding; lots of beautiful, colorful, cover materials; sturdy removable iPad2 frames; replaceable writing notebooks and note pads; and our famous silicon big-ass bands instead of boring elastic.


We’ll launch two versions of the Dootle for each digital device. The Dootle Book and the Dootle Note Book are similar in all respects expect one: the Dootle Note Book includes space to house either a replaceable writing note pad or notebook. All Dootles are beautifully crafted case bound hardbacks with a variety of colors, cover materials, and personalization options; each includes a protective removable frame that securely nests the digital device and allows users to easily pop the device out for use outside the hardback case (think photos, sharing, etc.). Lots of writing notebooks come with a vinyl band to hold the case closed. We don’t like them much for this use because the vinyl stretches out after a while, which is ugly and ineffective at holding the book case closed. Instead, we include our silicon Big-Ass Bands that easily slips around the Dootle to keep it closed when you’re travelling. We include two bands to start so throw one in a draw just in case you lose one along the way. For our Dootle Note Books, our writing note pads and notebooks include 50 pages of archival quality acid-free paper and you can purchase replacement packs of either 3 or 10 units. Our note pads are binder ready with 3 holes punched for easy transfer of your writing notes to binders.

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Taken on February 28, 2012