Carrot Cake Cupcakes (Round 2!)

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    My second test round of carrot cupcakes for my boyfriend's cousin's wedding this fall! I think these are The Ones =). Moist, flavorful with subtle variance in texture from chopped nuts and coconut...everything you could want in carrot cake! Recipe and story to come on my blog.

    As for the photography, I kinda wish I hadn't have dyed the frosting orange. The colors were going a bit wacky between the background, orange frosting, and yellow-tinged afternoon light. Also had a bit of trouble hiding the crookedness of the stand hehe.

    1. Kate Morozova 37 months ago | reply

      Very nice! The perfect frosting! I love cupcakes)

    2. asri. 37 months ago | reply

      the frosting were perfect and tidy. I want to try someday. But here in your image, the frosting orange looks fine combining with the blue back ground.

    3. Alicia {La locanda} 37 months ago | reply

      they're just perfect! I have to try them! thank you for sharing!

    4. StuderV 37 months ago | reply

      so springy (is that a word?) ,loving the light on the top of the cupcakes

    5. Tasty food and photography 37 months ago | reply

      So perfect icing. And crisp picture.

    6. Vemsteroo 37 months ago | reply

      These look delicious.

      Congratulations on the explore!

      Via Today's Explore at #314 on Fluidr

    7. Beth Walsh Photography 37 months ago | reply

      Yum looks delicious, fantastic food capture, congrats.

    8. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 37 months ago | reply

      Thanks, everyone! It's funny how the photos you least expect end up making Explore 8).

    9. VERY ILL-Please leave a message 37 months ago | reply

      Congratulations to you on being Explored! on 29th March 2012 with this amazing image

      on the same day as me: /page7/

      Sending you my very best wishes and good luck with your beautiful work

    10. Laksmi W 37 months ago | reply

      My goodness, Xiaolu, did I not see the star tip on your post or did you add it later??? In the video it looks like you are using a lot of strenght to pipe the frostings. It's not for weaklings :-)

      Although the blue-orange contrast is fresh, somehow it reminds me of 1970's. Sweetie, you were not born then :-). Perhaps you carried the theme from your previous incarnation :-).

      I like the orange frosting, it looks delicious. I would change the background, if I were to change anything.

    11. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 37 months ago | reply

      LOLOL I love you, dear! Yes, I actually hate how the colors turned out and didn't think it would come out like this. And no, hehe, I added the photo of the tip after you posted. But it'd be funny if I pretended it were there all along ;p.

    12. C.Mariani 36 months ago | reply

      Looks lovely :-)

      This charming photo has been seen in aeiou/[ not a single rule! ]

    13. NatiLady 34 months ago | reply

      Looks yummy!

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