Carrot Cupcakes with Marzipan-Parsley Carrot Toppers

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Fairly satisfied with how this came out =). Wish the light were slightly different, but it was a deary overcast day today and yesterday. Marzipan is yummy! I could eat these "carrots" all day =).

Story and recipe on my blog.

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  1. Tika Hapsari Nilmada 30 months ago | reply

    You are the master of swirls :) All your cupcakes have beautiful swirls and this one of course.

  2. pickyin 30 months ago | reply

    I've seen a lot of marzipan carrots. Those are good and realistic looking.

  3. anhsphoto_busy!! 30 months ago | reply

    I like the lighting here. It settles nicely on the cupcakes. So beautiful.

  4. Soma.R 30 months ago | reply

    Xiaolu, another one here which shows that you are a perfectionist! those details are something I can never imagine doing! Lovely draped frosting and beautiful light.

  5. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 30 months ago | reply

    Thanks, my friends! Always value your feedback =)

    Aisha, yes I like the pot of "carrots" too ^_^. I felt like a little kid when I was assembling that haha.

  6. tricsr4kidz 30 months ago | reply

    They don't look real! Such perfect details and colors, they look like they must be made from wax or something, Amazing!

  7. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 30 months ago | reply

    Recipe is up if anyone's interested :).

  8. annekarib 30 months ago | reply

    Nice composition.

  9. JourneyKitchen 30 months ago | reply

    What's wrong with the light? I really like it. Nothing is blown out, which it usually does with white frosting

  10. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 30 months ago | reply

    Thanks, Kulsum! Actually the right back of the frosting IS slightly blown out but I'm glad it's not super noticeable heheh 8) I did brighten the photo somewhat since I first posted it, it looked a bit more overcast before (which would be accurate to the weather).

  11. Panpepato senza pepe 30 months ago | reply

    I have never seen such perfect carrot cupcakes. Never. And yours are the first ones. Definitely.

  12. Laksmi W 30 months ago | reply

    Your urban garden is fabulous. May I join in harvesting the rest of the carrots? It seems the cupcake-tree is growing well and gifting you with many fruits, too.

  13. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 30 months ago | reply

    Thanks, to you both!

    Laksmi, I always look forward to your comments. They bring a smile to my face with their unique perspective. I only WISH cupcakes like these grew on trees 8).

  14. Laksmi W 30 months ago | reply

    But my friends, who are over 70 years old, said that they have a cupcake tree in the garden, and I've tasted the fruits many times. That old people don't lie. They also have a tool tree behind the house, and I've been given a plane, two knives, power drill and several bags of screws from it. Now I'm bewildered?!

  15. StuderV 30 months ago | reply

    How do you make the cupcakes look so incredible nice? Those swirls.... OMG...
    That little garden is adorable.... but those ruffles!! WIsh you could teach me how to do it.
    Btw, the light is fine, I don't see any mistake.

  16. asri. 30 months ago | reply

    I would like to try your carrot someday :)...beautiful frosting in a beautiful light.

  17. anu_kutty 30 months ago | reply

    oh xi.. unbeleivable creativity with the carrots in sand......... awesome awesomee thought :)

  18. Tasty food and photography 30 months ago | reply

    That carot garden – something amazing. Textures – wonderful. And metal cups – I'd like have the same:)

  19. rikkims 30 months ago | reply

    I LOVE the little carrots on top! I think I might prefer the taste of those over real carrots haha [:

  20. miel bakes/madhu 30 months ago | reply

    Totally smitten!

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