Chocolate Pistachio Dried Cherry Couscous Salad

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    Story and recipe on my blog.

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    1. Tasty food and photography 34 months ago | reply

      Salad in ladle – cut idea. It would be interesting to see the shot without bowl only with that ladle. I like that vintage ladle very much:)
      Salad looks delicious!

    2. Laksmi W 34 months ago | reply

      I like that the salad is rising up on the bowl and falling down from the ladle. It diverts the attention in a good way. The light is hitting the salad beautifully on the backside. It is a good idea to show the salad on the shadow side, because it brings out the color and depth better. The color is rich and moist.

      I like the way the cloth is folded in layers, but I think the first hem is too defining. Somehow it invalidates the front part of the image. Even the handle of the ladle is not able to break the spell. I wish the bowl was pulled forward, crossing the line.

      The little bottle on the background has a fabulous light and color. I wish I could see it a tiny bit more though :-)

      The salad itself sounds interesting. I've been teaching my hubby to eat couscous, maybe this is the way. He gags every time I place a plate in front of him because, according to him, couscous looks like fish eyes. The red variety meets less resistance though. Go figure, men...

    3. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 34 months ago | reply

      - Thanks very much for the feedback! I like the ladle too :). I hate to always use time as my excuse but I unwisely decided to make/shoot this an hour before the bf and I had a movie date. Only had 15 minutes to set it up and shoot it, so I definitely regretted certain things about the set-up later. I agree that I wish more of the bottle of oil was visible and that I'd pulled it down closer to the couscous. And the front fabric line does seem a bit dominating now. Still I'm glad I got a publishable photo for the post in that little time and will do better next time :).

      Laksmi - LOL I've never heard of anyone thinking they look like fisheyes before. If he really pictures that, I can imagine why he doesn't want to eat it! I've never heard of red couscous before. Is it flavored?

    4. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 34 months ago | reply

      Laksmi, I reprocessed to include a little more of the oil bottle. Dunno if it improves the shot any in your eyes :).

    5. Laksmi W 34 months ago | reply

      Yes!!! Funny, once the bottle came in, the hem lost it's power! I would still pull the plate forward if I could, just an inch, but I'm not obsessed with it anymore (that's surprising, am I healing? :-)

      Red couscous is with skin, I think. Wholegrain, I suppose.

      Couscous is about the only thing I have to stuff down the throat of my husband. That and slimy okra. As if it ever happened in my kitchen :-). Otherwise, husby eats anything and everything with a gusto of a giant. He grew up in communistic Poland. That explains.

    6. StuderV 34 months ago | reply

      Hm, how did I miss this shot?
      I like the wrinkled fabric and the laddle. For me these two make this shot.

    7. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 34 months ago | reply

      Thanks, Vera! I even worried about whether I should iron the fabric but didn't have time -- so glad you like it and I was able to catch this shot with only 15 minutes to shoot. Had to run see the new Transformers movie with my boyfriend. Trust was not worth the rush lol.

    8. Crystal Hofmann Photography [deleted] 34 months ago | reply

      I've never seen this kind of salad, but it looks good. :D

    9. Panpepato senza pepe 34 months ago | reply

      Xiaolu, I really like this picture. The color of the cloth you used as background and the arrangement of it is really cute, the light that brings out the bottle of oil, antique spoon and bowl is perfect. Very well done.

    10. sunshinemomsblog 34 months ago | reply

      I missed this one, Xiaolu. I like the way you have done this picture, the way you have placed the cloth, the colour, the bowl and the ladle, and how nicely the light from the oil jar shines. Beautiful lighting and a very serious picture.

    11. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 33 months ago | reply

      Thanks very much, Harini! I suppose it is a fairly serious picture =). It's much more fun when eating I promise ;p

    12. Soma.R 32 months ago | reply

      This is such an unique kind of composition. The pattern of the lay out of fabric work so well here. The ladle and the other props are beautiful. and the salad looks jeweled and delicious! Love the oil bottle and the light thru it.

    13. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 32 months ago | reply

      Thanks, dear! I was hoping for the "jeweled" effect when I set it up =D.

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