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    Ingredients for watermelon vodka cooler =). Recipe and story on my blog.

    1. Laksmi W 34 months ago | reply

      Test-driving the new (old) gray wood? It looks good. I like the natural sense of the image, there is something farm-like. However, the whole watermelon looks like it was harvested from a supermarket: it is so clean and perfect :-) What did you reflect the light with? The detail on the green skin is great. The cubes look juicyyyy... I'm a little hesitant about the milk (if it is milk), although the bottle itself sits well. In my uncontrolled mind watermelon turns milk sour. It probably doesn't in a real life.

    2. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 34 months ago | reply

      Yep though I'm not quite happy with this setting. Ironically as I'm writing a photography post for my blog, I feel in abit of a photography rut! Hahah the watermelon was "harvested" from a supermarket indeed. It's a busy week running around like a chicken with my head cut off (a tired chicken at that) and no time for farmers markets. I was hoping the vine being still on the melon would make it look a bit more rustic.

      I have a large round collapsible reflector with different colored sides (white, black, silver, gold, transparent diffuser) that I use almost every shoot. Love it to death! It's actually a combination of vodka and lemon juice/zest in the bottle. I can see why you'd think otherwise with the light and also blue cast of the glass though.

    3. Anne-Miek Bibbe 34 months ago | reply

      ~ D~E~L~I~G~H~T~F~U~L ~ looks delicious too !!!
      I have never tried this with wodka, but what can go wrong with great ingridients?

    4. Photo&Coffee 34 months ago | reply

      Appetizing ;-)

    5. StuderV 34 months ago | reply

      Trying something new? Not the usual light and honestly I'm not sure about it....
      It is not bad, don't misunderstand me, it is just too clean, steril (if it makes any sense).
      Anyway, great experiment.

    6. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 34 months ago | reply

      I feel the same, Vera. I think I tried to use the reflector too much to bounce light on the front (in order to balance the strong backlight) and created a bit of a dulling effect like you might get from a flash (not that bad though). Live and learn =D. I'd rather keep trying than take the same photo style over and over.

    7. StuderV 34 months ago | reply

      I agree, try, experiment.... I do the same, but I'm hardly ever satisfied with the result :))

    8. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 34 months ago | reply

      Are these photos you never post or you mean the new ones you're putting up? Cause if the latest is part of the experimentation, I think it's great! By the way, I'm curious, do you feel the same way about the light in the photo of the finished drink as you do in this photo?

    9. StuderV 34 months ago | reply

      Sometime I post it sometime I just don't, because I'm not sure at all and don't feel comfortable with it. Thanks, btw for the comliment, it is really sweet :)
      The drink photo is allright, has a different light.

    10. jenncuisine 34 months ago | reply

      I love the props and the watermelon is gorgeous! My only suggestion might be to come at the image from a slightly higher angle so that the backlight takes up a little less of the frame (maybe try golden ratio instead of thirds?), just because my eye is first drawn to where the wood meets the light (and blue rim of the glass bottle), and only after do I look at the watermelon. I think you did a great job reflecting light back onto the watermelon, it is beautifully exposed and the vivid pink color comes through quite nicely. Love the experimenting and always admire your work :)

    11. Laksmi W 34 months ago | reply

      Sorry to hear you are feeling busy in a headless chicken fashion. Your humor is still intact, or is it vodka speaking :-)? I see there is only a drop left in the bottle.

      I'm thinking that, although the reflection on the green watermelon is good in bringing out detail, maybe it overpowers it. The watermelon becomes too dominant and loud in relation to the other objects and the story. The rest of the image happens to me in an old farmhouse at the end of a hot day. There is even an invisible accordion playing on the background :-). The whole watermelon somehow doesn't support the mood. My two cents. Now, let's dance!

    12. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 34 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the detailed feedback, you guys! It's amazing that I'm able to get such awesome tips here =D. Jenn, you make a good point. I wanted to try the lower angle for something different but now I see why people don't use it more hehe. Laksmi, yes I agree about the chicken. As always love your imagination and imagery =D. Yes, let's dance!...Now grab your partner and do see do...

    13. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 34 months ago | reply

      I tried to selectively tone down the watermelon a little. Not sure if it's better but it's updated now.

    14. Laksmi W 34 months ago | reply

      It looks more natural now.

    15. aisha.yusaf 34 months ago | reply

      Oh, I love your new wood! I like to see how we all get out of our comfort zone to try something new. Doesn't always work for me but it's fun (frustrating even at times!). I didn't get to see the original but I quite like this for a watermelon shot! Lovely colours and lighting. Yes, because of the angle and the size, the whole melon does look a bit dominating but my eyes come back to the lovely cubed melon pieces. The only thing that's not working for me is the bottle in the background.

    16. asri. 34 months ago | reply

      Nice experiment Xiaolu, I agree with about the water melon which too dominant related to the main POI ( cubes water melon). For me it might be the size of water melon that drawn to much attention. Or it might be better with a little big slices water melon including the green Just my opinion dear :), anyway the light is nice
      And thank for touching about golden ration. what a nice sharing today.
      Agree with live and learn:D

    17. i am wei 34 months ago | reply

      My favourite fruit! I like your glass bottle.How lovely baby blue color.

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