Rhubarberric Macarons for My Friend

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Story and recipe on my blog.

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  1. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 35 months ago | reply

    Thank you =D you're fast!

  2. anhsphoto_busy!! 35 months ago | reply

    I like this better than the bird view one. Perhaps because it showcases the macaron better :) And the cupcake cases - pretty! Love the light too. We are having such dull and greyish light at the moment. No love!

  3. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 35 months ago | reply

    Thanks! I agree about this point of view even though overhead is better for showing off certain foods. Just wanted to have several points of view for my guest post :). Aw hope the sun comes back soon! Though honestly I find I can edit the color to look pretty sunny even on overcast days :).

  4. anhsphoto_busy!! 35 months ago | reply

    any tips? :) Wanna 'flick mail' you, but I'm in the office and all external online mail services are blocked :P

  5. Un dejeuner de soleil 35 months ago | reply

    I don't know which one I prefer. This one has a delicate, feminine mood, the other one is more focused on macarons and the funny side of them.
    Lovely light and choice of colors, great photos!

  6. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 35 months ago | reply

    Thanks Edda!

    Anh, mostly I just make sure the light is well diffused no matter how much is coming through. Then I also make sure there's something pure white or grey/silver in the photo to adjust white balance with in postprocessing. If not, I take the photo I want then take another version adding in a gray card or white paper. Then in my RAW editor I click on the gray/white area to set the white balance. Often I fine-tune it in Photoshop using the WB dropper in Curves and if really needed I use the color balance sliders. Hope that helps. I bet you knew most of that already since you've more experience with this than me =). For an example, I took the following photo on a day that was all gray and overcast:

  7. anhsphoto_busy!! 35 months ago | reply

    Thanks Xiaolu! I don’t normally have problems with natural light. But resorting to aritifical light is not easy to get the right balance. Some photographers out there have gorgerous images with artificial light. So curious to learn.

  8. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 35 months ago | reply

    Yes artificial light can be much trickier. I use a tripod, slow shutterspeed, and higher ISO to squeeze as much out of natural lighting as possible. I've seen some nice photos taken with aritificial lighting but I still feel natural light is more lively and dynamic.

  9. Smoky Wok (Jasmine) 35 months ago | reply

    so so pretty Xiaolu! I should have known u would come up with yet another lovely macaron creation!

  10. Little Grey 35 months ago | reply

    amazing shot and composition.

  11. asri. 35 months ago | reply

    Love...love this too!...everything are great, especially the fabulous light. Great job! dear Xiaolu :)

  12. Panpepato senza pepe 35 months ago | reply

    Xiaolu I knew you would have prepared some macarons! I really like this picture: the background is not completely white but adorned by the pink napkin that recalls the color of the macarons, the small bottle of milk in the background, the red striped cupcakes liners with macarons inside. The light is as perfect as the styling.

  13. Gourmande in the Kitchen 35 months ago | reply

    Ah ha! I knew it, you've been on such a macaron kick lately that when I saw the rhubarb and raspberries I thought that might be what you were doing!

  14. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 35 months ago | reply

    Oh no! I've become so predictable ;p. Hehe I guess you guys know me too well, but I've finally got my "feet" back so it's been worth all the mac-making in the end =D. Thx for the feedback on the photo, friends -- so glad you like it!

  15. charliegriffiths 35 months ago | reply

    This is beautiful - great lighting and I love the straw in the background!

  16. LaCuisineHélène 35 months ago | reply

    Thanks for explaining the photoshop part. I am new using the program and have so much to learn. This shot is well balanced. Love the color of the macarons.

  17. LaCuisineHélène 35 months ago | reply

    Stupid question but where do I find the WB dropper in Curves?

  18. i am wei 35 months ago | reply


  19. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 35 months ago | reply

    Thanks you all!

    not stupid at all! In either curves OR levels there should be 3 dropper icons. Pick the middle gray one then click on someplace in the photo that is white or neutral gray. If you don't get the result you want first, just keep clicking in different areas that are shades of white/gray and hopefully something will look right to you.

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